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Why Summer is an Ideal Time to Get Your Exterior Paint Job Done?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Like many King County homeowners, after spending the majority of the spring season at home, you may have started to notice some wear and tear on your home’s exterior. If your home seems to have lost some of its lusters, a new exterior paint project could be the perfect cost-effective solution!

Here are a couple of reasons why summer will be the best season for your exterior house painting:

1. Longer Days in Summer Means Faster Job Completion

One of the many benefits of starting an exterior paint project in Summer is that the days are longer. With more sunlight, exterior house paint can dry faster than other times of the year. If you are looking to bring some charm back to your home, but want to avoid a drawn-out process, there is no better time to start an exterior painting project than summer!

2. Warmer Weather in Summer is Great For Paint Finish

If outdoor temperatures fluctuate too much or get too low, you can risk poor paint finish on exterior projects. Our team would never leave a job looking less than perfect, so waiting for warmer weather to start an exterior project will help avoid this.

3. Summer Means Less Rain Interruption During Paint Projects

Nothing is more of a nuisance to an exterior paint project than a rain delay. Not only does this set your project back, but it can also put whatever progress that has already been completed at risk of being ruined. Choosing to have the exterior of your home repainted in the summer months can help ensure there are fewer interruptions to the project. Our team of professional painters ensures a perfect job every time, so do not hesitate to reach out to Timmins’ today.

Spend your summer doing the things you love, and leave the painting to the professionals at Orange Painting. With nearly 5 years of experience serving King County homeowners, our team knows the importance of maintaining your home’s exterior paint job. If you are looking to take advantage of the summer season and want to spruce up your home, contact us online today!

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