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Is Spraying or Brush & Roll Best For Exterior Painting?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

When you’re making the choice which company to hire for your painting project, you may ask whether they use spraying or the brush and roll method.

Don`t know which one is better for your project? Let’s find out together.

Successful Spray-Painting

The top exterior painting companies have a set plan in place that allows them to capitalize on both methods of painting depending on what would work best for the job. In many cases, spray-painting is a quicker solution rather than painting by hand with a brush and roll. You’ll be pleased to know that the spray method doesn’t have to sacrifice quality, as leading house painting contractors will use airless sprayers for excellent and efficient service. By spraying the large areas of the home, such as siding, with the sprayer, your painting project will be completed a lot faster.

Painting contractors can apply the accurate amount of paint for the entire exterior of your home. As long as the painter is capable and confident with a sprayer, they will be able to produce a more even paint job where consistency and command is on full display. The spraying method can also be used for gutters, fascia, trim, and more, depending on the situation and design of your house.

Brush and Roll

Although spraying is the more common method, professional painting contractors are always prepared to use the brush and roll method as well if necessary. With brush and roll painting, painters are spreading the exterior paint, while with spraying they are more so laying paint across the surface, so to speak. Regardless of which method they’re using, the best painters can control the thickness of the exterior paint for outstanding results. Brush and roll is often used for homes that have nooks and crannies. While this may be a bit more labor-intensive and time-consuming, the results are remarkable and something you as a homeowner can be very proud of.

Sometimes it works out to have professional painters who use both methods, although, if your home just needs a basic exterior repaint, a spray application would probably be just enough. If you’re worried about how long your exterior paint will last, you can ask your painter to spray a second coat with more paint.

If you’re ready to see your house in a new light with a fresh coat of exterior paint, call Orange Painting at (206) 665-3233 for an estimate today!

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