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Is it The Right Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

While the idea of a home renovation project can be overwhelming, it can prove to be necessary. Remodeling a bathroom can take time, money, and patience, but in the end, you will add value to your home and increase the overall quality and energy of your home. Need to know if it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your bathroom? Learn the signs below!

Breaks and Leaks

Bathrooms are prone to daily wear and tear, but when you notice the tiles are cracking, faucets are leaking, and the ceiling is crumbling from moisture, these are all signs that your bathroom needs a facelift. Damages are aesthetically unpleasing and pose a safety hazard to you and your family.

Outdated Color Schemes and Décor

Maybe your bathroom reflects the old owner’s taste, or maybe you bought your bathroom décor when you first moved in years ago. If you hate walking into your bathroom because of the old towel holders, faucets, lighting fixtures, or despise that hideous paint color you loved a few years ago, a bathroom remodel can help your space reflect the current you.

Poor Lighting

Getting ready in the morning is already enough of a task if you are not a morning person, and then add in some poor lighting for even more issues. Plenty of lighting (natural lighting is ideal) is important to the functionality of a bathroom. Having too little lighting can be solved with extra light fixtures or a lighted vanity mirror. If extra lighting does not cut it, contemplate a bigger transformation like installing more windows.

Lack of Space and Storage

If your bathroom seems tight or like you have too much unused space, you may need to open the area up or remodel it to fit your storage needs. Adding more cabinets, bins, or a shelving system can help give you more storage. If that is not enough, a new layout or an expansion might do the trick.

Looking to Sell

If you have been putting a bathroom remodel off and think it is not worth it because you are planning on moving out, think again! The best time or reason to invest in a remodel is when you intend to sell because the slightest renovations will greatly impact the overall value and selling price of your home.


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