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How Does The Process of Bathroom Remodeling Looks Like?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Stage 1: Creating A Plan

Making a detailed plan for your bathroom before you begin helps to ensure the outcome will match your vision. It can reduce stress and help you stick to your budget. If you don’t know what you would like to transform your bathroom, we will help to create your design style, mainly we will help to define what colors will be the best match.

Bathroom Remodel Stage 2: Demolition

Demolition of the bathroom includes removal of all materials not to be kept in the existing room. That includes all your personal items along with all of the surfaces you are replacing such as bathtub/shower, flooring, vanities, lighting, mirrors, etc.

It can be a messy, but satisfying, part of the process. You finally get to see the blank canvas for your new bathroom!

Bathroom Remodel Stage 3: Rough In

Next the new layout for the bathroom will begin to take shape. First, any changes to the framing or structure will happen to create the new walls, soffits, etc.

Next up is installation of plumbing, electrical, HVAC in the floors, ceiling and walls.

After the framing and rough-in of the mechanicals is complete, there will be a round of Inspections for each to ensure they have been done correctly before being covered up with insulation and drywall.

Bathroom Remodel Stage 4: Vanity and Tile Installation

The bathroom will begin to feel like a room again in stage 4! Drywall will be completed, which includes any work on the ceilings, if applicable. Once the drywall is in place, the tile installer can get to work. Any floor or wall tile will be installed in the space.

With the flooring and walls up, the bathroom vanity and other storage or cabinetry can be installed in the desired locations.


Let’s discuss your future bathroom remodel. Are you a new customer or a returning one? Ask our representatives about our special offers and discounts. Contact us by phone (206) 665-3233 and we will be happy to take care of your painting ideas.

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