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Beautiful Bathroom Paint Colors For Your Next Renovation

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Bathroom paint doesn’t get enough hype. Picking the right color will transform your bathroom into a source of energy at the start of the day and relaxation at night. You don’t have to spend your evenings in the tub to appreciate style. Just flossing in a chic space changes the way you approach the day. Besides, maybe once you redecorate the bathroom, you’ll become a tub-person.

Best Bathroom Paint Colors

These five paint colors are some of the best bathroom paint colors. Whether you want subdued modern style, or out of the box inspiration, check out these shades.

Coco Malt

When you use bold tiling or alternative materials to decorate your bathroom, you need paint that will highlight the feature without overshadowing it. We’re big fans of strong beige, and Behr’s Coco Malt is just one look that does just that. It’s warm, inviting, and glows under soft lighting. It’s one of those colors that soften strident materials, like metal finishes, stone tile work, or concrete countertops.

Enchanted Wells

There are green bathroom paint colors that aren’t pastel. Behr Enchanted Wells paired with white trim and walls creates a look for an unusual layout. The homeowners here picked their favorite parts to highlight; a great tub and window to paradise. Green bathroom paint dovetails with the view through the window, and while the shower is requisite, the tub is where you want to spend your time in this bathroom.


Some bathroom paint colors are more about personality than aesthetics. This pink is a whole mood. Sherwin Williams Amaryllis matches the sink, tub, and soft pink marble floors and walls. Strong monochromatic coordination is another way to create cohesion and style in a compact space. Just make sure you really love the paint color.

Deep Earth

You can get this look of rich chocolate brown bathroom color from Benjamin Moore with Wenge, or Valspar Deep Earth. It shows the way rich dark colors don’t always make painted bathrooms look like a dark cave. Instead, the dark paint pushes that massive mirror over the dual sinks into the forefront, and bright white plumbing features create drama and tension.

Maple Glaze

A monochromatic look doesn’t always mean a single color. The variation in this color family keeps it interesting. Behr Maple Glaze is a unique choice, but it works well with light tiling and dark-stained wood. Since people may feel hemmed in by the traditional pastel look, an unexpected bathroom paint color may be the best for you.


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